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Import / Export
Investment / Holding of Shares
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Raw land
Software / Cloud Computing
Supplements and pills blister packs. Pack of pills
Medicine / Health / Research
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    Contact information

    35, Firs Avenue
    N11 3NE
    Great Britain

    Phone: (+44) (0)770-031-8975


    Registered in England & Wales: OC325555


    RIUN LLP was incorporated in England & Wales on the 14th of January 2007. The characters 利運 are read "RIUN" whether in Japan, China or Korea. means "gain, profit, interest, advantage, be effective". means "transport, carry, progess, manage, fortune, luck".

    Our philosophy:

    The idea behind RIUN is to unite IT (Information Technology) for every kind of needs. Through our Consulting service, we will realize your wish. Even if we can't provide the service our self, we will find the adequate third party. If you need a specific product, we will find it and deliver wherever you want.

    Company's guidelines:

    1. Commitment: Customer's satisfaction is a top priority.
    2. Fair: As price is an important factor for purchase-decision, RIUN is committed to provide value to the customer too.
    3. Ethical: Products having a harmful or unhealthy purpose won't be used in commerce. However if the intend use of the product is unharmful but its components can be considered dangerous, full details will be given as well as the safest procedure of use.
    4. Transparency: prices will always be disclosed beforehand.